Who Is AJ Humphreys?

I’ve always loved writing. It’s kind of the only thing that I’ve ever WANTED to do.

AJ Humphreys is an emerging author of thrillers, horrors, and mysteries. Season of The Monster | FALL is the third part of his debut novel.

When AJ isn’t writing he can often be found in a hammock reading, maybe while camping, but almost always with his best buddy, Kobe The Husky at his side. Together, they both enjoy hiking and swimming, especially.

He also operates as an amateur landscape and wildlife photographer, which fits in well with his thirst for outdoor adventuring.

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AJ currently lives in Urbana, IL, where he works as a server part-time to support his dream of writing full-time.

AJ loves to connect with readers and writers, so make sure to check out all of his social media platforms!

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