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Flash Review | “Eyes on the Past”

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Author’s Journal | (Updated) Pen Date 2.14.22 | TW: Violence, Death, Drug Use, Sexual Content

What did you think of Behind Her Eyes? Did you see the twist coming?

With today being Valentine’s Day, it seems only fitting that I share a review from a “romantic” novel.

What can I say that will do this book the justice it deserves, while trying to limit spoiling anything?

The story is SO well written as it bounced between two characters in first person almost like they’re writing down in a journal. Then we get doses of the past told as a third person narrative. It’s a bit slow if you’re not into the romantic love triangle story, but the writing is too well done to ignore. I mean, by the last 50 pages the book is IMPOSSIBLE to put down.


At face value the story concerns Louise and her ensnarement in the convoluted web of Adele and David Martin’s crumbling marriage. Adele becomes Louise’s best friend while David becomes Louise’s lover.

But all isn’t right beyond the affair. Someone is manipulating things to go their way, someone is trapped, and nightmares become a heavy dose of reality. What a wild ride and the ending is just… you’ve got to read it.

My only criticism is the supernatural themes don’t have any explanation. However, they are supernatural, and if you can’t accept that, then maybe this isn’t a story for you, in fact, I’m sure based on the ending it very much won’t be.

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