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Introducing | “Season of the Monster”

Whether you’re a new visitor or a current subscriber, I am incredibly excited to announce an exclusive Kindle Vella Release – Season of the Monster.

What is Season of the Monster?

The story is an adult fiction narrative that follows single mother Ghini “like Lamborghini” Freeman six months after her 13-year-old daughter vanished in the South Dakota Black Hills. As winter gives way to spring, Ghini still holds on to hope that some day a lead will break open the case.

Then out of the blue she gets a call from the lead detective on the case, Dakota Johnson, who’s stumbled across footage of a mysterious woman, who not only could pass as Ghini’s identical twin, but is also wearing her daughter’s pajamas.

Tales of monsters going bump in the night teach us to look under the bed, but when the person right next to you might be a monster, it’s impossible to know who’s safe, and who’s next.

“It’s about to be the season of the monster, and should we encounter them, we’ll need a plan.”

Why Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is the newest addition to serial novel publishing, and I wanted to be on the forefront of Amazon’s newest publishing trend.

Amazon's Kindle Vella Explained
What is Kindle Vella?

Thankfully, I already had a serial publication in the works, and it was easy for me to publish through Amazon’s KDP platform. However, there was also a chance for instant monetization, and though the rollout has been quiet, anyone with access to Amazon in the US currently has access to Vella.

What Makes Kindle Vella Different?

All KV publications are serial works that provide the introductory chapters (usually the first three) FREE to all readers!

Any future chapters will need to be unlocked with “tokens” that can be purchased on the KV portion of Amazon at any point in time.

Kindle Vella's Token System
*Most new KV Users can claim 500 Tokens Free

Tokens are not only incredibly inexpensive, but many first-time users can get upwards of 500 tokens at NO COST. This low barrier to entry for readers was incredibly enticing.

That said, the author only receives 50% of each token, which only amounts to roughly $0.005 (i.e. half a penny). Factoring in that most chapters will cost roughly 20-ish tokens that means authors aren’t walking away with more than nine or ten pennies from each chapter read per reader.

Why ThAt’s Important

Whether it’s Season of the Monster or any serial on Kindle Vella, independent authors need your support!

So, please, if you like a story, give it a thumbs up, favorite it, and give it a follow. It means the world to all of us independent authors!

The first five chapters of Season of the Monster are live right now, with chapter six dropping sometime in the next 24 hours. I plan to release a new chapter every Friday! Make sure to follow, so you don’t miss any releases. You can also stay up to date with Season of the Monster HERE on my website, though chapters will only be available on Vella.

Thank you to all who have supported this journey and make sure to check out the Author Notes at the end of each chapter for additional insights!

Supporting me through Ko-Fi will help my self-publishing journey
Support will help me in my self-publishing journey this year

If you’ve enjoyed Season of The Monster, please consider supporting my future self-publishing endeavors on Ko-Fi.

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