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Season Of The Monster | Ch 7 – “Uncertainty”

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I am finding with SOTM that I enjoy writing bottleneck episodes. There’s something about the forced intimacy that I love for further developing the relationships amongst characters. Usually, I am not a fan of bottlenecks when it comes to TV because it requires stellar performances not only from the writers, but the cast. Facial ticks, expressions, eye movements all become that much more important to ensuring the subtleties of the narrative are conveyed.

But for a literary device, I find it a superb medium to put a writer’s talents on display (not trying to toot my horn, just that I understand being under a tighter scope for an episode like this). While, also providing exposition through context rather than narration.

In this case, I hope readers get a sense for how strong of a relationship Ghini and Samuel have formed during these dark and trying times.

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How SOTM Got Its name

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Originally, I was going to publish this under the title of the monsters themselves, which has only been released in one spot as of now (hint: Only on Kindle Vella).

But, I had written the entirety of part one in November for NaNoWriMo, and while I was editing chapter 7, this passage came up and I knew in an instant, this should be the title.

So there you are, past AJ did all the heavy lifting, and I just stole his idea.

Thanks past AJ!

Kindle Vella Delays

For any authors considering using, or want to know what is Kindle Vella, the time is certainly now!

Let’s be clear though, Amazon are still working out some of the bugs and the platform is only available in the US. However, they haven’t even done a large scale rollout in the US and there have been zero announcements regarding a worldwide launch. That said, this is the chance to be an early adopter.

Just remember, being an early adopter means, you have to deal with those bugs. That said, even after selecting, “Release Now” rather than scheduling my release of chapter 7, it took nearly five days for myself, as well as MANY authors to see our work live. But we’re rockin’-and-rollin’ now, and that’s all that matters.

This is simply a word to the wise, if you get involved with Kindle Vella, give plenty of time for stories to post, don’t rush the process, and stay involved with the Kindle Direct Publishing Community. You’ll know quickly if it’s a you thing or a bigger issue at large!

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