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Chapter 17 | “Dropped”
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Ghini is unsure of whether or not to call the mysterious number that someone has left her. She would have written it off as a prank, except . . . whoever left the number, may have left her the most valuable clue yet when it comes to finding Jeannie.

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SOTM Cracks the front page of “horror”!

Shorter episodes

Originally episodes of Season of the Monster had been upwards of 2,500 Words, which meant that readers had to spend 25 tokens.

That’s not fair to two parties:

  1. The Readers
  2. Other Authors

That can be a quarter of readers’ tokens if they’re only purchasing 200 at a time ($1.99). It also means that they catch up quicker. During a lunch/bathroom break or just a five minute breather.

However, what makes Vella so awesome is that you can keep up with multiple stories at once. So, you”ll see shorter episodes means more authors can receive more reads!

Season of the Monster Chapters now Shorter
See that on average chapters are getting shorter!
Chapters now averaging under 10 tokens apiece!

MARCH Goals:

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AS OF MARCH 28, 2022

Of course, there’s still time to get those follows up, but I appreciate everyone who has made this possible! Here’s to an even better April!

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