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“Dark” | A Recommendation

In the hopes to support more of the Kindle Vella community I’ve started a series on TikTok & Instagram where I give a brief synopsis of Vella projects that I’ve enjoyed reading!

Today I’m Highlighting:

BY Tirzah M.M. Hawkins

Status | In Progress as of Mar. 29, 2022

Episodes | 25 & Counting

Tags | Horror, Thriller, Creature Horror, Science Fiction, Survival

Categories | Paranormal, Thriller

Author’s Synopsis | “Is anyone there? We have safety.” We have safety. The words pulled at my being even as my brain told me not to trust them. Don’t get up your hopes . . . read more


FINAL THOUGHTS (for now) | Hawkins is not only one of the most prolific Vella writers on the scene right now, but arguably one of its biggest rising stars. With SIX stories (Five Active), she’s corralled 2,387 likes, meaning she’s practically averaging 400 likes a story! All since November of 2021!

While Dark is the only story I’ve read so far, I believe her success speaks for itself, but go read Dark, it’ll grip you from the first line and I doubt it ever lets go!

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