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“A Thing Immortal – A Dark Fantasy” | A Recommendation

In the hopes to support more of the Kindle Vella community I’ve started a series on TikTok & Instagram where I give a brief synopsis of Vella projects that I’ve enjoyed reading!

Today I’m Highlighting:

A Thing Immortal – A Dark Fantasy
BY Barry K. Gregory

Status | In Progress as of Apr. 4, 2022

Episodes | 23 & Counting

Tags | Weird Western, Monsters, Immortal, Gods, Dark Fantasy, Sorcery, Zombies

Categories | Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Author’s Synopsis | The old man with eyes the color of wildflowers and skin as white as driven snow had convinced the girl with no name to leave her captor’s shack. But. . . read more


FINAL THOUGHTS | I am in a weird limbo with A Thing Immortal because it is genuinely an interesting plot with a great voice and prose across multiple POVs. However, the question-to-answer-ratio hasn’t hooked me through the first five, so I don’t plan on diving back in immediately, but I just can’t bring myself to move it to the DNF pile either.

Even though A Thing Immortal isn’t at the top of my TBR pile, that doesn’t mean readers shouldn’t read it for themselves, I’ve got a lot of Vella obligations, but lovers of the wild west and dark fantasy should find themselves sucked in pretty quickly.

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