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Season of The Monster Earns “Top Faved” Honors!

SOTM Cracks Kindle vella’s Top 250!

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Kindle Vella‘s ranking system is unique and noteworthy as it operates on a “King of The Hill” rotating algorithm that resets constantly.

The way it works is simple. Readers purchase tokens with cash. They use tokens to unlock episodes. Every week (starting at 11:59pm EST Saturday) Readers who spend one token (that they purchased) during the week, earn one “Fave”.

Meaning, readers have the power to say their favorite read each week. Throughout the week, stories move up and down depending on how many “Faves” they hold.

Season of The Monster at #209 on the Kindle Vella Top 250 List

Of the THOUSANDS of stories on Kindle Vella, only the Top 250 are given a “Crown” that displays prominently above the story’s cover everywhere on the site. They are the “Top Faved.”

Well, last week, Season of the Monster finally cracked into that echelon of the Top 250! Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive! Here’s to many more weeks of moving up and up, right now the goal is to crack into the Top 200!

Sotm Receives First Review

SOTM Receives it's first 5-Star Reader Review on Amazon

I have no words, except thank you! This meant the world to me, and I hope to continue to deliver at this same level!

Chapter 19 Is Live | “Witching Hour”

500 Free Token Promotion Has Expired.
But 200 Tokens are still available to new users

Witching Hour” sees Ghini picking up a few days after we last saw her trying to contact that mystery phone number left behind for her. Though, when she calls the line never rings through.

However, when she receives a call at 3:30 am, she can’t help but wonder, if there could possibly be a connection. . .

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