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“Audrey Kills Again!” | A Recommendation

Cover Artwork for Audrey Kills Again! by JK Ellem

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Today I’m Highlighting:

Audrey Kills Again! – A Serial Killer Crime Mystery Suspense Thriller
By JK Ellem

Status | In Progress as of Apr. 11, 2022

Episodes | 24 & Counting

Tags | Serial Killer, Action & Adventure, Murder Mystery, Suspense Thriller, Female Protagonist, Detective, Murder

Categories | Thriller, Mystery

Author’s Synopsis | A FEMALE ‘DEXTER MORGAN’ WITH MORE STYLE AND CLASS AND A HEART OF GOLD. Wealthy, young, and beautiful. None of these matter to Audrey King. BTW did I tell you she’s addicted to killing bad people? It’s her only guilty pleasure. Marty Lang is broken, washed up, an embarrassment to his ex-wife, and his children. And he’s about to lose his job. But Marty has his own addiction, and it’s the only thing keeping him alive. She’s addicted to killing. He’s addicted to stopping her.


FINAL THOUGHTS | I LOVED Dexter back in the day. Haven’t seen the new season, but besides being a serial killer, I’m not quite sure Audrey is on par with Dexter. After only five episodes, I am invested in this plot line — and I don’t want spoil anything seeing as multiple plot lines have already begun to converge, but Audrey seems to lack “the code” that Dexter had. It seems she’s a little more subjective with regards to whom she determines should die.

It doesn’t take long for Audrey to find herself in hot water either, I think that hook will keep many readers coming back. So, if you’re looking for flawed characters with a mysterious and thrilling plot where anything can happen, then Audrey Kills Again! is right up your alley!

I am not yet decided on whether to shelve Audrey Kills Again! in my DNF, so for the time being it goes to the To Be Finished stack.

Chapter five left me on a cliffhanger, where I feel the NEED to get back to reading AKA!, but I let the marketing of a female Dexter get to me a little too much, and I just haven’t seen that from Audrey in her character, code, or enterprise. But I know I can’t shelve it just yet, so we’ll see where I go with this one!

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