Another Big Week for SOTM

Season of the monster” cracks top 250 for 2nd straight Week

With the Kindle Vella platform continuing to grow it’s not an easy task but last week we cracked the Top 250 AGAIN! Thank you to all my amazing and supportive readers for this show of support!

We got as high as 229 last week! Can we do better this week?

You all make writing worth it! But we still have a long way to go in Ghini’s search for her missing daughter, and I like to think along the way Season of The Monster will crack the Top 100!

Season of the monster” receives 2nd
5-star review

I am absolutely positively BEAMING with this review! Sometimes I can be a worry wort. Sometimes I fear that what I’m doing won’t connect with readers, and as much as this writing is for me, it’s also for you all.

Being able to give readers something that you can emotionally connect with, maybe inspire, provide escape, or be a bright spot in your days means the world to me!

Thank you for letting me know it’s working!

Chapter 20 is here! | “Velvet”

Velvet” has us back with the colony, only this time we get to visit more with two newer characters — Velvet and Sierra.

I’ll tell you this much, they’re up to something nefarious, but under whose orders, well that’s something I’m keeping to myself for now . . .

But let me know what you think by answering the poll at the end of the chapter!


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