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“Bane of The Damned” | A Recommendation


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Today I’m Highlighting:

Bane of The Damned
By Ellie Sandoval

Status | In Progress as of Apr. 22, 2022

Episodes | 10 & Counting

Tags | Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Steampunk, Grimdark, Horror, Victorian, Zombies

Categories | Paranormal, Historical Fiction

Author’s Synopsis | 1888. Doomsday cultists and the undead roam London’s streets. Plague Police are unable to stymie the tide of the afflicted. Scheming aristocrats and secret societies egg on the apocalypse for their own self-serving purposes. Only a brave few rise up to fight for the soul of their empire. They are the bane of the damned. Join them in the war against the undead plague.

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FINAL THOUGHTS | The atmosphere of Bane of The Damned is on point! The mood and the dark grey/brown hue of a steampunk victorian setting seeps through to readers’ minds with ease, thanks to Sandoval’s descriptive and inviting prose.

What I appreciate most about BOTD is Sandoval’s ability to make grimdark horror, and steampunk tech feel contemporary in her setting.

In a private conversation with Sandoval, I learned she thinks like I do when incorporating cross-genres and sub-genres. “[Sub-genre] becomes a crutch and what the story is all about if you constantly shove it in the reader’s face.” And she expertly avoids doing just that, instead, making it a fact of the world, rather than drawn out exposition to build the world.

I will definitely be getting back to Bane of The Damned as I have some insider scoop that there is PLENTY more to come, but in the meantime, I plan on letting the episodes rack on up!

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