Monster Hunter Mitchell is a Kindle Vella Story by Kevin Sorrell

“Monster Hunter Mitchell” | A Recommendation

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Today I’m Highlighting:

Monster Hunter Mitchell By Kevin Sorrell

Status | In Progress as of Apr. 22, 2022

Episodes | 11 & Counting

Tags | Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Thriller, Action, African American, Dark Fantasy

Categories | Fantasy, Thriller

Author’s Synopsis | Marcellis Mitchell upholds his family’s legacy of protecting humanity from the things that go bump in the night. Armed with Lucille, an African tribal ax passed down through generations, Marcellis travels wherever he is needed, slaying whatever he must. It’s not an easy life, and it damn sure doesn’t pay, but Marcellis wouldn’t have it any other way. Okay, that’s a lie. It would be nice to get paid.


FINAL THOUGHTS | I am absolutely loving Monster Hunter Mitchell! It combines so many of my favorite genres and narrative elements without being over the top. Sorrell knows exactly what he’s doing, infusing humor, strength, commentary, the supernatural, and drama without going too dark or swinging the other way toward overly lighthearted.

I hope to see a lot more from this story as it lends itself to episodic fiction perfectly. Marcellis can evolve as a character with each monster he hunts, and we can see a whole mythology and lore explored the way Sorrell has set things up.

You’re going to like this one, I guarantee it!

I cannot wait to dive back into Monster Hunter Mitchell. The chapters are easy to digest and hard to put down. It definitely deserves a lot of love!

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