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I genuinely can’t believe that I am even in a place to say and ask this, but we made it THREE straight weeks cracking the Top 250! That’s incredible!

Now the ask . . . Though Season of The Monster has continuously cracked the Top 250, we’re heading the wrong direction . . .

Season of The Monster at #209 on the Kindle Vella Top 250 List
First Week Cracking The Top 250!
Second Week Cracking The Top 250! But we only got as high as 229, before sliding backward. . .
3rd Week in a Row! But we never got higher than 241 . . .

BUT it’s now easier than ever to get back to Season of The Monster and tell others about it! Simply, visit/enter on any browser and you’ll be taken straight to SOTM!

Becoming the best “Season of the monster” readers

Like I said, this blog post is a CALL TO ACTION! And to assist supporters and readers in supporting SOTM, I whipped together this quick video on how to be the best Kindle Vella readers when it comes to supporting your favorite stories and authors.

Please, give it a watch, like, and subscribe then head on over to Season of The Monster and make sure to get caught up with Reads, Likes, Follows, Unlocks, and of course Favorites!

Remember, it’s as simple as visiting to get caught up today!

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Chapter 21 & Chapter 22 are here! | “Nightmares” & “Investigate”

Review Snippets for Season of The Monster

Nightmares” first follows a search party in the Black Hills looking for a missing woman. But, the second half of the chapter gets us back to Ghini and how she’s coping with her brand new reality after speaking with K, and what she must do next to try and save Jeannie.

Investigate” brings back to an old character who we haven’t seen much of since his debut in chapter 2, so it’s fitting that he takes on a big role in chapter 22, don’t ya think? So, we follow Detective Dakota Johnson as he tries to make sense of what happened to a man whose phone was found out in the remote wilderness of the Black Hills. It’s not only going to be Ghini’s world changing when new information comes to life for the detective and his team.


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There’s still a whole week left in the Month of April, and we are so close to hitting this last goal! Please Like, Share, Favorite, and Review Season of The Monster, so that we can get it there to the top!

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