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“Whispered Screams” | A Recommendation

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Today I’m Highlighting:

Whispered Screams : A Short Story Collection By Zack Lester

Status | In Progress as of April 26, 2022

Episodes | 35 & Counting

Tags | Shortstories, Scifi, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Supernatural, Dark, Twisted

Categories | Science Fiction, Paranormal

Author’s Synopsis | It’s that glimpse of eyes watching you. The bloody handprint you think you must be imagining. Is it all in your head? Or is it your worst nightmare brought to life? Thrills and chills abound in this collection of spine-tingling tales guaranteed to keep you guessing until the blood-curdling end, that drops you in the depths of madness in the ultimate fight to survive. Take a look in the mirror, you might want to make sure that scream you just heard isn’t coming from you.


FINAL THOUGHTS | Lester’s first two tales in Whispered Screams come in dark and dystopian. Quite possibly in the same world, but I can’t say for certain. Yet they are different, with one being more horror and the other scifi.

He then he switches things up with the next few stories, which is GREAT. You never quite know what you’re going to get with a Lester story, which makes for great thrilling and suspenseful reads.

His voice throughout is very distinct, and he does well to create an ominous atmosphere, while also providing levity and irreverence.

The cherry on top will be his author notes. They usually are very lighthearted and witty, which makes for a nice reset from the cliffhanger endings, before moving on to the next tale.

With a grand total of 35 stories and counting, it’s clear Lester has been busy, so there’s plenty to keep coming back to here. My favorite was definitely “One Soul” but let me know what was yours!

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