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SOTM Wraps Season 1!

Season of The Monster Spring is Complete

Season of the monster Has a Great First Season!

Season of The Monster likely won’t crack the Top 250 this week, putting an end to an impressive run! Thank you for all of those who have liked this story and shown up to support it. Here’s how it went . . .

First Week Cracking The Top 250!
Second Week Cracking The Top 250! But we only got as high as 229, before sliding backward. . .
3rd Week in a Row! But we never got higher than 241 . . .
FOUR straight weeks cracking the Top 250! Plus the fans improved on the previous week’s highest rank!
Week Five was the one where WE CRACKED THE TOP 200 for the first time! And we stayed in the Top 250 for OVER 30 HOURS!!!
Six Straight Weeks cracking The Top 250 & This was the week with our highest ranking yet!

I appreciate all who have read SOTM, and supported me on this journey! Don’t forget to share, so your friends and family can join us on this journey!

Season of The Monster : SPRING Finale Teaser

Check out the preview video above, and please continue to support SOTM, with your Likes, Follows, Reviews, and, of course, Favorites!

Remember, it’s as simple as visiting to get caught up today!

Season of the monster : Summer

Season 2 of Season of The Monster, will be titled “SUMMER” and is set to premiere toward the end of June 2022.

This upcoming season will be a bit darker, and a bit more fast paced, so get ready to keep your blankies close, and your moms on speed dial because things heat up this summer.

If you need your SOTM fix though, check out a sneak peak of the first episode HERE!

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