Season of The Monster is in The Sweet 16 For The Vella Madness Tournament

Season of The Monster’s Journey to be Elite

The Road to The Final 4 Continues! Help Season of The Monster Reach The Elite 8!

Thank you helped make the Sweetest of Sixteens include Season of The Monster! But we’re not done yet! Now I need your help to make it Into the ELITE 8! Please click HERE to vote!

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Anyone who does share, please, tag me, and you will receive one entry for each platform I’m tagged on to win a FREE copy of Season of The Monster when it comes out in paperback!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing the Google Form to vote, don’t skip out, and please try again later in the day!You can also try the Link Tree – Select “Vote NOW For Sweet 16 Day 2” to redirect to the ballot.

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