Final Four Matchup in the Kindle Vella Madness Tournament

Season of The Monster In FINAL FOUR

Vote Now to Help Season of The Monster Advance To The CHAMPIONSHIP!

Only four stories remain and unfortunately one of them is my competition, Liz Johnson, and her AWESOME Ninja/Pirate/Vampire Fantasy Tenebrous! I can’t be mad if I lose to Liz, but I’d sure enjoy a win too!

Regardless, make sure to VOTE!

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Here’s the link – – and anyone who does share, please, tag me and you will receive one entry for each platform I’m tagged on to win a FREE copy of Season of The Monster when it comes out in paperback!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing the Google Form to vote, don’t skip out, and please try again later in the day!You can also try the Link Tree – Select “Vote NOW For The Final Four Day 1 to redirect to the ballot.

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