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Episode 8 of SOTM SUMMER is Live

Release of SOTM Ep 8

Episode 8 is here and this time, we’re back with Ghini and Samuel as they rise early to see what they’ve driven all the way to the Flandreau Reservation to see.

Remember, they’re staying on the reservation with the Montoya brothers, Manny & Lawson.

Can you recall the last time we saw the brothers?

No? Well, let me remind you. . .

“Well, I’ll be. You definitely are dealing with the Vespids, aren’t ya?”

“You have a — Vespid?” Ghini startles to her feet. 

“Sure do.” Another bang beneath the floor shocks Ghini back into her seat. 

“That’s her.”

“That’s our mama down there. She changed when we was nothing more than boys, and we been trying to figure out how to get her back ever since.”

Ghini has one last burning question, “How long has she been down there?”

“Twenty years.”

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