New Episode of Season of The Monster : SUMMER

Episode 12 “Eavesdropping”| “Season of The Monster : SUMMER” Is Here


The colony is gearing up to pull off something BIG.

Unfortunately, Kari hasn’t been made privy to those plans, and she is only more infuriated by the fact that her sister Mel (AKA Velvet) is not only included, but it’s her plan.

Can Kari figure out what the plan is and be of help to her mother, or will she continue to be pushed aside?

You’ll have to read to find out!

“Do you think anyone knows about us?”

. . .

“Think? One-hundred percent. There’s no way there isn’t someone out there who knows about us.”

. . .

“But as far as in someone, actively hunting us. I don’t think we have our own Van Helsing yet. That isn’t to say, he doesn’t exist.”

Queenie interjects, “All legends are based on fragile truths.”

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