New episodes of Season of The Monster & Fine Dying

Three Chapters, Two Stories, One Week

Well, I dropped the ball here folks, and failed to get some posts out about my new chapters this past week for both Season of The Monster | SUMMER & Fine Dying.

So, let’s start with SOTM!

Chapters 13 & 14 | “Pause” & “The Black Hills Giant

Our first new chapter takes us back to the RCPD precinct where Dak is combing footage from a press conference where he notices a flicker of something strange on Detective Bradley’s face.

Not only is it strange, but it’s familiar.

If he can put the pieces of the puzzle together, will Dak be able to accept the paranormal as reality?

Then, we finally catch back up with Ghini and Samuel who have returned to Rapid City, after a week of trying to get home.

What took so long, and what will they find upon returning home?

Well, they’ll learn of one thing . . . “The Black Hills Giant” . . .

Chapter 13 | “Kim

It’s Kim’s time to shine, as things begin escalating within the group as they try to decipher who is behind the two most recent deaths and who could have attacked Bre.

Is Kim a suspect herself? She was the first on the scene after all . . . Could her fainting spell have been for show? Well, you’re going to have to read this newest chapter to find out!

Check out “Kim” now!

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