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New “Fine Dying”! | “Bre”

An unfortunate group of employees and patrons have found themselves trapped inside Brewer Truman’s Fine Dining Establishment thanks to a freak Missouri blizzard. Only problem is . . . they’ve just found the first body, and there’s an ominous sense that more Are soon to fall.

Episode 14 | “Bre”

Things are getting uncomfortable inside of Brewer Truman’s as accusations fly and revelations are made.

Everyone seems like they could be a suspect, even Bre, who had been knocked unconscious and is suffering from a large gash to her forehead.

How can she help keep the peace and ensure that no one else gets hurt? I don’t think even she knows!

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I hope you’re all enjoying this story as much as I do, and just be careful when attending episodes of Fine Dying, the house special is murder 😈

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