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Spidersight By Tirzah M.M. Hawkins

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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Five-year-old Missy’s imaginary friend is becoming a problem. Fred the tarantula and his family of creepy-crawlies follow Missy wherever she goes, and no one believes her when she says Fred is doing things on his own.

She is just a child with an overactive imagination . . . right?

Well, when bodies begin to fall, and they all can be traced back to Missy, her parents are left worried and afraid. Thankfully, she has her father, who is willing to go to the ends of the Earth to help his little girl.

Hopefully, they can unweave this tangled web of mystery and death, before it’s too late.

|The Good|

If you are a fan of horror this book is for you. It’s a Stephen King-esc horror premise, but much more fast-paced while remaining just as gut-wrenching.

The mystery of Missy’s condition, or lack thereof, is palpable and will suck readers in right away. But the horror and suspense will force readers to crumple the covers, as they find themselves gripping tightly, determined to know what happens next.

|The Bad|

I only wish the story had been longer. It was so thrilling and gut-wrenching that I just wanted the rollercoaster ride of exhilaration to keep on trucking. But, don’t let that detract you, this book is well worth the time and will make for a great quick read that I think many readers will knock out in a day.


This is undoubtedly one of my favorite indie books of not only the year, but all time, and cemented my fandom for Hawkins’ work. I loved every bit of this story, from questioning the reality to the desperate need for answers that Hawkins inevitably delivers, and a resolution that feels far from happily ever after, but gives a strong sense of closure.

There isn’t a world or universe, where this book isn’t worth a horror fan’s time.

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