Spooky Sounds Heard, Not Seen

Are you looking for some thrilling and chilling podcasts to accompany you on that next big roadtrip, or maybe while choring around the house? Well, look no further as I have a couple great recommendations here, just for you.

Full Body Chills

“Gather round . . . and listen close” the immortalized words from each episode that kick off tales meant to send shivers up and down your spine.

From the Audiochuck team (Crime Junkie, Park Predators, The Deck, Counterclock, and more) comes one of my favorite podcasts of all time.

The stories are wide ranging in theme, chills, length, etc. but they are so well produced with fantastic voice acting that I cannot recommend them enough.

The NoSleep Podcast

I discovered this anthology of horror just this year, but oh how I have quickly fallen in love with it. The stories are wide-ranging and have a very eerie quality to them.

Usually they are batched into three or four stories per episode, so even if the hour long length looks a bit daunting, know that isn’t just a single story, but multiple.

**Don’t forget…these are horror stories that are intended to frighten and disturb. They contain explicit language and graphic content. (From The NoSleep Podcast website)

Quiet Part Loud

As a Jordan Peele production, this story definitely delves into racial issues, as well as nationalism. However, it pairs so well with the seamless horrors of an unseen entity whose voice alone can spell disaster.

Combining the lore and myths of middle-eastern culture with the plight of 9/11 America, creates an unsettling environment that feels all to real in our modern political climate.

That said, as much as politics are a piece of this story, the twist and turns are plenty unsettling. How can individuals put aside their trauma of the past and come together to stop a faceless entity that has feasted on the hatred of mankind for a millennia?

Well, you’ll just have to listen . . .

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