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Salem’s Lot

This is [was] by far my favorite book I’ve read in a while! It starts off as a bit of a slow burn through the first act, but by the time you reach act two it becomes clear that this book is not what it seems (the same could be said for the little Maine town of Jerusalem’s Lot).

The second act was absolutely riveting and produced so many great characters, but the third act. . . I couldn’t put it down. It was absolutely thrilling, suspenseful, and devastating. I’ve only read four of King’s novels and despite only ever being his second novel in production, it’s be far one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. 100/10 would recommend.

The Troop

This book still sticks with me years after reading, and I am excited to say it’s up there as an all time favorite.

What I love most about The Troop is the paranormal element of the tapeworm being juxtaposed with the very real ideal of a sociopath. There is one very imaginative monster that the boys must outrun, which is scary enough. But the fact that one of their own is a budding serial killer makes for a compelling dose of horror that grounds the work.

If you liked Stephen King’s Carrie, you will like The Troop. Cutter found inspiration in the interspersed timelines of Carrie alongside articles and interviews so much that it spawned a similar type of back and forth for the narrative of The Troop, while maintaining originality.

Highly Recommend. 5-Stars


Much like his father, Stephen King, Joe Hill knows how to write flawed characters dealing with a supernatural world.

The story explores not only the darkness of a monstrous man seeking to use his special Rolls Royce Wraith to abduct children from their homes, but the evil that lurks within the layman and how manipulation can be detrimental to the human psyche. Whether they lie to one another or themselves, characters have to deal with confronting the dark truths of the world in which they live.

Absolutely cannot suggest this one enough, and it is the perfect read for not only spooky season, but also the coming holidays.

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