Spooky Sounds Heard, Not Seen [Part II]

Are you looking for some thrilling and chilling podcasts to accompany you on that next big road trip, or maybe while choring around the house? Well, look no further as I have a couple great recommendations here, just for you.

 Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

A Spotify exclusive from Parcast Studios that focuses on historical tales of the supernatural. Everything from extraterrestrial encounters to hauntings and possessions . . .

It’s a long and extensive catalog of episodes worth roaming through, and Flowers puts her years of true crime podcasting to good use in her storytelling of each episode.

Then the production value is top-notch. The audio quality, mixing, and sound effects are all top-tier and you won’t regret putting one of these on during your next night-time road trip.

Case 63

A bit of a psychological thriller featuring Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac. A psychiatrist takes on a patient who says he is from the future, and he is here to help this clinician save the world from a deadly pandemic. 

The unsettling nature of this podcast kept me gripped throughout. Is Isaac’s character really from the future? How could he know so much about Moore’s character?

Both Isaac and Moore give fantastic audio performances that bring the sci-fi thriller premise to life. Two seasons in and I’m convinced the pair will continue to make me doubt myself for several seasons to come.

MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark, and Mysterious Stories

Terrible name . . .

But features some great, eerie, true tales that will leave listeners second-guessing their beliefs about the supernatural and paranormal.

I thoroughly enjoy his delivery and it’s another cool podcast that delves into the historical elements of supernatural phenomena.

This is a great podcast for fans of true crime stories who want to spice up their routine with episodes dangling eerie implications around each corner.

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