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Spooky Stories From The Page [Part II]


This is a top 5 favorite book of all time for me. Two genetically modified creatures escape a laboratory. One wants to be man’s best friend. The other wants to eviscerate any man in their path. Sounds good, right?

This was my first introduction to the world of adult horror/thriller novels. I couldn’t get through it fast enough and became one of the first books that I ever re-read.

I’ve read a fair bit of Koontz as well, and this one is by far and away one of the best stories he has ever written. The pacing is fast, the conflict is ever-looming, and the mysterious intertwining of multiple plotlines culminating in a final showdown.

The Bone Collector 

You may have seen the movie with Denzel and Angelina Jolie, but trust me the book is SO much better. . . and creepier.

Of course, a serial killer collecting trophies from their victims makes for a great spooky season read, but what makes this story bone-chilling is the fact that the legwork must be carried out by a novice investigator at the behest of a bed-ridden criminologist.

He must decipher the clues and characteristics of the victims, while she must venture out into the seedy setting of New York’s underbelly and darkest corners in order to track down the monster lurking in the shadows.

The Zone Unknown Series by Paul Zindel

The sight of these books just seems to generate the scent of a Scholastic Book Fair. Or is that just me?

Okay, I know these are geared toward middle schoolers, but c’mon, the nostalgia can’t be there for me only! I remember having to go on the waitlist at the school library for each of these books just to get the weeklong opportunity to read them.

The Doom Stone was definitely my favorite one if I remember correctly. What about you? Do you remember reading these? Which was your favorite?

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