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My Publishing Debut

Season of
the Monster | The Series

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If you need a new monster story (no vampires, werewolves, or zombies) with rotating POVs from the monsters’ perspectives, and a developing mythos, please check out Season of the Monster : SPRING an adult Paranormal Mystery/Thriller.

Six months ago, Ghini Freeman’s 13-year-old daughter vanished in the South Dakota Black Hills. As winter gives way to spring, Ghini still holds out hope that is finally rewarded when the lead detective on the case stumbles across footage of a woman, who not only could be Ghini’s identical twin, but is also wearing her daughter’s pajamas. 

What unfolds is a paranormal mystery with thrilling and horrifying twists and turns. As the people of the Black Hills’ sleepy little mountain towns are confronted with an infestation of monsters that look just like their friends and family. 

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Ever been snowed in somewhere? How about at work? Was there a murderer there? I hope not. And hopefully it didn’t play out like this whodunit murder mystery, FINE DYING

Brewer Truman’s is THE fine dining establishment to check out in downtown Columbia, Missouri. The staff are fun & eclectic as they provide a world class dining experience. . .

On one particular evening however, a blizzard will strand several employees and guests within the restaurant walls until help can arrive. Unfortunately for them all, Brewer Truman’s has many skeletons, some are just more fresh than others . . .



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Special, is not a word people would use to describe Yu.

Dork, nerd, overweight, boring, ordinary, those are more likely.

At 18 years old, only two things matter to Yu: the girlfriend, and attending Yale in the fall.

But, one night, after coming home late from the movies, a message has been left for Yu. A message written in blood . . .

Tune in EVERY Week to choose what Yu will do next in this Kindle Vella Exclusive, where readers don’t choose their own adventure . . . They choose THE adventure.

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My Feature Length Novel Debut


*Currently in editorial conversations

A modern-day homage to Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas that evokes the paranormal suspense and foreboding isolation of Mexican Gothic and The Troop, respectively. The result – a Dean Koontzian genre-bender, from which, readers will crave dialogue and debate long after the final word.

29-year-old professional author Galen Ramsey is out of options at this point. Crippling debt, writer’s block, and missed deadlines drive him to the most outlandish idea possible – a LSD camping trip to Devil’s Lake State Park. As Galen gives into the psychedelic euphoria, he hangs on to the indigenous mythology shrouding the land, hoping for the inspiration to save his career.

What starts as a contemporary, albeit irreverent journey to save his career, will, without warning, morph into a dark and twisted survival thriller. Up against the odds Galen will not only be forced to escape the monster living deep within the woods, but the one burrowing into his soul.

CW/TW for death, violence, language, drug use, manipulation, and mental health themes.

Camp/Nano 2022 Project

My 2nd Feature Length Novel


Ynez Fowler has just buried her husband, but she has one thing that the other residents of the Lake Manor Retirement Community don’t, an ability to communicate with him. She must follow the rules of her curse to enjoy the company of the deceased, but becomes wary when a young CNA by the name of Ami Castellanos seems to have a similar ability.

As the two women learn more and more about one another’s cultures and curses, they must decide if the other can be trusted as more and more residents pass at an alarming rate from “natural causes.”

Combining the themes of a whodunnit with the paranormal myths and lore of Japanese and Honduran culture, Commune, will prove to be a mystery that with a deep and dark turn that will sit with readers long after they’ve turned the last page.

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