Summer is Here

Featured Image for Season of The Monster Part II Summer

Part II of Season of The Monster has arrived! As temperatures heat up the colony begins to expand its reach throughout the Black Hills but is the hive fracturing? Or is everything going to plan? Meanwhile Ghini, Samuel, Dak and a handful of others must come face to face with the paranormal, and survival means… Continue reading Summer is Here

SOTM Wraps Season 1!

Season of The Monster Spring is Complete

Thank you to everyone who made Season of The Monster : SPRING a success, and it was indeed a success! Now stay tuned for updates as Season 2 "SUMMER" will debut next month!

“Bunker Dogs” | A Recommendation

Featured Image for Bunker Dogs by Gage Greenwood on Kindle Vella

Bunker Dogs is gripping in the best of ways. It's the perfect sort of unsettling from the get-go and still Greenwood manages to turn the story on its head. Definitely recommend starting this if you're a horror fan!

SOTM Success in April!

Thank you's are in order for everyone who has been supporting Season of The Monster throughout this first season! There's only 1 episode left, but there's been plenty of awesome since my last post!

SOTM Needs Your Help!

Season of The Monster is doing well, but I would love for it to continue to do even better! This is a CALL TO ACTION to make sure you are reading, following, liking, and favoriting SOTM! Please, thank you, and I hope you genuinely enjoy the story!

“Monster Hunter Mitchell” | A Recommendation

Monster Hunter Mitchell is a Kindle Vella Story by Kevin Sorrell

Monster Hunter Mitchell is my surprise favorite read. I thought I'd enjoy it, but not as much as I did. The levity, supernatural horror, and world building all shine under Sorrell's fantastic prose!

“Bane of The Damned” | A Recommendation

My first real foray into any literary steampunk or grimdark was a successful one. I got to talk with the author a bit as well, and I expect this story will be great to the very end!

“Tenebrous” | A Recommendation

Featured Imagery for Liz Johnson's Tenebrous

I binged the first three in one sitting, I could not let it go. That said, what I love most, is her infusion of mythology and lore from our world to develop the supernatural elements of Tenebrous', making it intrinsically digestible for readers from the get-go.

Another Big Week for SOTM

We had another great week with Season of The Monster, and we are nearing the end of the month, but all goals are reachable! Can you lend a hand getting us into the Top 250 for the Third straight week?

“Mistaken” | A Recommendation

Mistaken by Jesse Abundis is a Kindle Vella Thriller about Mistaken Identities

Darren's mental breakdown has taken him all the way from New York City to backwoods Florida. But when he runs into a woman who believes him to be someone else, Darren's no longer trying to find himself, instead he NEEDS to find a way to escape.