There's only 36 hours left to CHOOSE! What will Yu decide this week?

Episode 8 of SOTM SUMMER is Live

Release of SOTM Ep 8

Season of The Monster Episode 8 is where things start getting real creepy. Prepare for the pace to pick up for the rest of the season, so buckle up!

What’s In The Box?


Episode 9 of CHOOSE Is Live! Go ahead and check it out now, and make sure to choose before next monday, when the poll closes.

New “Fine Dying”! | “Sean” & “Trinity”

New Fine Dying Episode

There are two new reasons to be reading Fine Dying now at!

Season of The Monster In FINAL FOUR

Final Four Matchup in the Kindle Vella Madness Tournament

Today's the day! The FINAL FOUR! We can do this, we can make it to the championship!

Vote Season of The Monster!

Vote for Season of The Monster to Advance in the Summer Madness Tournament

TODAY ONLY Vote for Season of The Monster to Advance to The Sweet 16 in the Summer Madness Tournament!

Vote “Season of The Monster : SPRING” | Vella Madness

Featured Image for the Kindle Vella Summer Madness Tournament

Vote TODAY to help Season of The Monster advance to Round 2 of the Kindle Vella Summer Madness Tournament!

Release Day! Ep 5 | “Vespids”

Season of The Monster Summer Episode 5 "Vespids" Featured Image

Season of The Monster | SUMMER is back with a new chapter in the summer saga, and this time around, we're back with Ghini and Samuel.


Featured Image for Chapter 7 of Choose

The newest Chapter of CHOOSE, the interactive story where polls determine what gets written next, is running out of time! The poll will close Tuesday, July 12th @ 11:59 PM EST, so make sure you cast your decision ASAP!

Summer is Here

Featured Image for Season of The Monster Part II Summer

Part II of Season of The Monster has arrived! As temperatures heat up the colony begins to expand its reach throughout the Black Hills but is the hive fracturing? Or is everything going to plan? Meanwhile Ghini, Samuel, Dak and a handful of others must come face to face with the paranormal, and survival means… Continue reading Summer is Here