“The Caladrius Chronicles” | A Recommendation

Featured Image for the Caladrius Chronicles a Kindle Vella by Zack Lester

The Caladrius Chronicles is a fairly new Vella with an outstanding voice, introducing us to an escaped science experiment trying to survive a dystopian cityscape long enough to save their family.

“Beechwood” | A Recommendation

Beechwood By Kell Frillman is available on Kindle Vella

Beechwood has been thriving on Kindle Vella and now I certainly understand why! The prose will pull you in to a sci-fi world that maintains a contemporary feel, as a hidden enclave of meta humans has to deal with the first ever murder in its community.

“Whispered Screams” | A Recommendation

Whispered Screams : A Short Story Collection by Zack Lester is available on Kindle Vella

You never quite know what you're going to get with a Lester story, which makes for great thrilling and suspenseful reads. His voice throughout is very distinct, and he does well to create an ominous atmosphere, while also providing levity and irreverence.

“The Harpy Rises” | A Recommendation

Kindle Vella Cover for T.A. Uner's The Harpy Rises

I am a hit or miss fantasy reader, but all you bookworms looking for your next magical female chosen one, may want to buckle in for Rysa's amazing journey!

“Dark” | A Recommendation

Tirzah MM Hawkins cover for Dark a Kindle Vella Story

Hawkins is not only one of the most prolific Vella writers on the scene right now, but arguably one of its biggest rising stars. Go read Dark, it'll grip you from the first line and I doubt it ever lets go!

“The New House” | A Recommendation

Kindle Vella Thumbnail for The New House by K.M. Bennett

The contemporary nature of this novel is incredibly inviting, and the looming suspense will make it difficult for readers to put down. But my favorite dynamic is the mother-son relationship, as a 12 year old tries to raise himself under an alcoholic's roof.

“The Hive” | A Recommendation

Thumbnail image for The Hive by SC Morrison

SC Morrison's The Hive really pushed my genre boundaries and though I can't say I've been swayed to read steamy erotica. I can say that SC Morrison has some writing chops, and if this one's up you're ally you'll love it! #KindleVella