Kindle Vella Cover Snippet for Season of The Monster WINTER

It is time for the BEGINNING OF THE END! The first 3 chapters of my Small-Town Paranormal Horror Mystery saga are now live on Kindle Vella! Jeannie Freeman's disappearance during the Rapid City Middle School's field trip into the neighboring Black Hills of South Dakota was the local tragedy of the decade. Six months later,… Continue reading WINTER Has Come

“Whispered Screams” | A Recommendation

Whispered Screams : A Short Story Collection by Zack Lester is available on Kindle Vella

You never quite know what you're going to get with a Lester story, which makes for great thrilling and suspenseful reads. His voice throughout is very distinct, and he does well to create an ominous atmosphere, while also providing levity and irreverence.

“Monster Hunter Mitchell” | A Recommendation

Monster Hunter Mitchell is a Kindle Vella Story by Kevin Sorrell

Monster Hunter Mitchell is my surprise favorite read. I thought I'd enjoy it, but not as much as I did. The levity, supernatural horror, and world building all shine under Sorrell's fantastic prose!

Season of The Monster Earns “Top Faved” Honors!

Featured Image for SOTM Article regarding first ever crown

March was an amazing month for Season of The Monster and April looks to be even better! Please like, follow, favorite, review and share to keep SOTM moving up the leaderboard!

“Stix” | A Recommendation

Stix Cover Image by Breanna Leslie

I am normally not one for Historical Fiction, but HOT DAMN Leslie nails this one with visceral scenes and dramatic story telling well worth readers' time.

“The Sliders Series” | A Recommendation

The Sliders Series by Kim Riehle Cover Image

A big fan of this alternate reality fantasy that makes me think of Quantum Leap. Hopefully that doesn't date me!

“The Ruins” | A Recommendation

Header image for D.L. Cluke's "The Ruins" A Kindle Vella Exclusive

An Action Adventure Horror Mystery that I am ALL-IN on! Check out the details here!