SOTM Success in April!

Thank you's are in order for everyone who has been supporting Season of The Monster throughout this first season! There's only 1 episode left, but there's been plenty of awesome since my last post!

SOTM Needs Your Help!

Season of The Monster is doing well, but I would love for it to continue to do even better! This is a CALL TO ACTION to make sure you are reading, following, liking, and favoriting SOTM! Please, thank you, and I hope you genuinely enjoy the story!

Another Big Week for SOTM

We had another great week with Season of The Monster, and we are nearing the end of the month, but all goals are reachable! Can you lend a hand getting us into the Top 250 for the Third straight week?

Season of The Monster Earns “Top Faved” Honors!

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March was an amazing month for Season of The Monster and April looks to be even better! Please like, follow, favorite, review and share to keep SOTM moving up the leaderboard!

SOTM Updates

Some Big updates from Season of The Monster this week! Including a new chapter, new formatting, and some goals and achievements!!!

Season Of The Monster | Ch 7 – “Uncertainty”

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I am finding with SOTM that I enjoy writing bottleneck episodes. There's something about the forced intimacy that I love for further developing the relationships amongst characters.

Introducing | “Season of the Monster”

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Whether you're a new visitor or a current subscriber, I am incredibly excited to announce an exclusive Kindle Vella Release - Season of the Monster.

Writing Diversity & Gratitude

Bernie Clemens from VESPIDS

Truly, this post is a thank you. But also, a word to the wise. Write your characters, and do so with authenticity. Meaning, do the research. Have hard conversations. Vacate the comfort zone. Our human experience is not universal, meaning our characters experiences can't be either.