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Kindle Vella
Interactive EXPERIENCE

The year is 1993 and the summer months are coming to an end, but that’s not what has just flipped an ordinary life on its head.

Special, is not a word people would use to describe Yu.

Dork, nerd, overweight, boring, ordinary, those are more likely.

At 18 years old, only two things matter to Yu: girlfriend, Naomi Cutter, and attending Yale in the fall.

But, one night, after coming home late from the movies, a message has been left for Yu. A message written in blood . . .

Tune in Every Week to choose what Yu will do next in this Kindle Vella Exclusive, where readers don’t choose their own adventure . . . They choose THE adventure.

To get Choose to work, I recommend reviewing the following:
Because, if we don’t choose . . . the story can’t continue.

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What Are Tokens?

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After Purchasing Tokens, Readers Can Favorite One Story a Week When They Unlock Chapters

*Most new KV Users can claim 200 Tokens Free


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