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by Breanna Leslie

Check out an Author’s Journey through Appalachia and how it led to this atmospheric horror novel set in the 1800s of newly-settled Appalachia!

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Dirus by LJ Vitanza

Dirus is an excellent creature horror set in Yellowstone National Park where a group of wildlife biologists must confront the possibility of a long-thought extinct group of predators returning to feast on the inhabitants of the park.

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by Tirzah M.M. Hawkins

Have you met Fred? He’s the imaginary friend of 5-year-old Missy. Missy insists to everyone that Fred is real. No one believes her until Fred starts doing horrible things.
Missy seems like any other 5-year-old except that she believes that she sees spiders that no one else can. Her parents are only mildly worried because every 5-year-old has a big imagination. But bad things start happening wherever Missy goes. People start dying.

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