“Reigning Embers” | A Recommendation

Cover Imagery for Reigning Embers by S.L. Slias on Kindle Vella

Reigning Embers is such a great piece of writing. It's a great example of how to create a character-centric fantasy. Connecting with the character first allows readers like myself the chance to more easily digest the fantasy world-building (and romance, lol)

“A Thing Immortal – A Dark Fantasy” | A Recommendation

Featured Image for A Thing Immortal by Barry K Gregory

Fantasies are fairly prevalent on Vella right now, but Barry K. Gregory's "A Thing Immortal" is one of the first 'Dark Fantasies' that I've come across, and it makes for an original and engaging read.

“Growing up as fairies” | A Recommendation

Cover image for Rachel Roy's Growing up as fairies

It's not often you'll find me reading children's stories (at least not until I have some munchkins of my own) but, Rachel asked, and I'm glad I read!

“The Wild Country Series” | A Recommendation

Kindle Vella Cover Image for The Wild Country Series

This has been my biggest surprise so far, I think. The world building is gradual, but perfectly executed. The world building is visceral, and the characters are really enjoyable. Can't wait to dive back into this one!

“After It’s Over” | A Recommendation

Thumbnail image for After It's Over by Hunter Chadwick

The pandemic has, without a doubt, been rough. But what if it'd been worse? What if things only got worse after the TP shortage of 2020. . . Check out Hunter Chadwick's "After It's Over" to know what that reality might have looked like.