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Definitely my favorite in the trilogy. It brings back the idea of a creepy and disturbing villain from the first two novels, but it adds a paranormal element true to King novels but lacking from EoW's predecessors. Not going to lie, I shed a tear when it was all said and done. I'm sad it's over, but grateful to have been a part of the journey.

“Whispered Screams” | A Recommendation

Whispered Screams : A Short Story Collection by Zack Lester is available on Kindle Vella

You never quite know what you're going to get with a Lester story, which makes for great thrilling and suspenseful reads. His voice throughout is very distinct, and he does well to create an ominous atmosphere, while also providing levity and irreverence.

“Bane of The Damned” | A Recommendation

My first real foray into any literary steampunk or grimdark was a successful one. I got to talk with the author a bit as well, and I expect this story will be great to the very end!

“Tenebrous” | A Recommendation

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I binged the first three in one sitting, I could not let it go. That said, what I love most, is her infusion of mythology and lore from our world to develop the supernatural elements of Tenebrous', making it intrinsically digestible for readers from the get-go.

“Dark” | A Recommendation

Tirzah MM Hawkins cover for Dark a Kindle Vella Story

Hawkins is not only one of the most prolific Vella writers on the scene right now, but arguably one of its biggest rising stars. Go read Dark, it'll grip you from the first line and I doubt it ever lets go!

“Stix” | A Recommendation

Stix Cover Image by Breanna Leslie

I am normally not one for Historical Fiction, but HOT DAMN Leslie nails this one with visceral scenes and dramatic story telling well worth readers' time.

“The New House” | A Recommendation

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The contemporary nature of this novel is incredibly inviting, and the looming suspense will make it difficult for readers to put down. But my favorite dynamic is the mother-son relationship, as a 12 year old tries to raise himself under an alcoholic's roof.

“Shadow Soul” | A Recommendation

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Tasha Creed's "Shadow Soul" is a fantastic example of telling a story from the Vampire's perspective - the one that never asked for any of this. I plan to keep reading and I think others will enjoy!