The End of SUMMER

Season of The Monster: Summer Eyes

Over the last 30 days I hammered out 11 chapters and now I can officially say that Season of The Monster: SUMMER has ended.

All Chapters FREE To Download

Right now, through October 11, readers could unlock every single one of my stories' chapters, FOR FREE, and still have free unlocks left for the day!

New “Fine Dying”! | “Bre”

Banner announcing new episodes of Fine Dying

Chapter 14 of Fine Dying is out now! Check it out at!

First 3 Interview!

First 3 Interview with Airik Eisen on Fine Dying

Fine Dying is a whodunit murder mystery, and I had the pleasure of discussing this story and more with Airik Eisen and Azrielle Lawless!

Three Chapters, Two Stories, One Week

New episodes of Season of The Monster & Fine Dying

Well, I dropped the ball here folks, and failed to get some posts out about my new chapters this week for both Season of The Monster | SUMMER & Fine Dying.

New “Fine Dying”! | “Warren”

New Fine Dying Episode

A new chapter of Fine Dying is out now! Check it out at!



There's only 36 hours left to CHOOSE! What will Yu decide this week?

Episode 8 of SOTM SUMMER is Live

Release of SOTM Ep 8

Season of The Monster Episode 8 is where things start getting real creepy. Prepare for the pace to pick up for the rest of the season, so buckle up!

What’s In The Box?


Episode 9 of CHOOSE Is Live! Go ahead and check it out now, and make sure to choose before next monday, when the poll closes.

New “Fine Dying”! | “Sean” & “Trinity”

New Fine Dying Episode

There are two new reasons to be reading Fine Dying now at!