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Summer is Here

Featured Image for Season of The Monster Part II Summer

Part II of Season of The Monster has arrived! As temperatures heat up the colony begins to expand its reach throughout the Black Hills but is the hive fracturing? Or is everything going to plan? Meanwhile Ghini, Samuel, Dak and a handful of others must come face to face with the paranormal, and survival means… Continue reading Summer is Here

“The Caladrius Chronicles” | A Recommendation

Featured Image for the Caladrius Chronicles a Kindle Vella by Zack Lester

The Caladrius Chronicles is a fairly new Vella with an outstanding voice, introducing us to an escaped science experiment trying to survive a dystopian cityscape long enough to save their family.

“Dark” | A Recommendation

Tirzah MM Hawkins cover for Dark a Kindle Vella Story

Hawkins is not only one of the most prolific Vella writers on the scene right now, but arguably one of its biggest rising stars. Go read Dark, it'll grip you from the first line and I doubt it ever lets go!

“After It’s Over” | A Recommendation

Thumbnail image for After It's Over by Hunter Chadwick

The pandemic has, without a doubt, been rough. But what if it'd been worse? What if things only got worse after the TP shortage of 2020. . . Check out Hunter Chadwick's "After It's Over" to know what that reality might have looked like.

“The New House” | A Recommendation

Kindle Vella Thumbnail for The New House by K.M. Bennett

The contemporary nature of this novel is incredibly inviting, and the looming suspense will make it difficult for readers to put down. But my favorite dynamic is the mother-son relationship, as a 12 year old tries to raise himself under an alcoholic's roof.