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From the Author’s Journal


It is time for the BEGINNING OF THE END! The first 3 chapters of my Small-Town Paranormal Horror Mystery saga are now live on Kindle Vella! Jeannie Freeman’s disappearance during…

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The End of SUMMER

Over the last 30 days I hammered out 11 chapters and now I can officially say that Season of The Monster: SUMMER has ended.

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This is undoubtedly one of my favorite indie books and cemented my fandom for Hawkins’ work. I loved every bit of this story, and undoubtedly recommend it!

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First 3 Interview!

Fine Dying is a whodunit murder mystery, and I had the pleasure of discussing this story and more with Airik Eisen and Azrielle Lawless!

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I’ve always loved writing. It’s kind of the only thing that I’ve ever WANTED to do.

But it took some serious therapy, medication, and a genuine realization for me to admit that.

It took an abundance more time though, for me to commit to trying to make it into a career.

So here I am. That’s me.

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Support will help me in my self-publishing journey this year

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