Fine Dying is a Kindle Vella Exclusive by AJ Humphreys

Fine Dying

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Fine Dying A Kindle Vella Exclusive By AJ Humphreys is Available Now

Brewer Truman’s is the fine dining establishment to check out in downtown Columbia, Missouri. The staff are fun & eclectic as they provide a world class dining experience . . .

An unfortunate group of employees and patrons have found themselves trapped inside Brewer Truman’s Fine Dining Establishment thanks to a freak Missouri blizzard. Only problem is . . . they’ve just found the first body, and there’s an ominous sense that more are soon to fall.

I love a good whodunit!
currently, I work at a restaurant And I’ve Never found any bodies in the basement.
That said, none of these characters are based on anyone I know or work with. But I hope you enjoy “Fine Dying” my 2nd serial on Vella.
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